By G. Willow Wilson

A-FORCE, gather! From the ashes of Battleworld, Marvel's latest hero SINGULARITY has risen and entered the surprise Universe. yet she didn't make the adventure by myself. To wrestle the main fearsome threats from around the multiverse, Singularity will summon the world's mightiest group of Avengers to her facet: SHE-HULK. CAPTAIN surprise. DAZZLER. MEDUSA. NICO MINORU. jointly, they seem to be a strength to be reckoned with!

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A-FORCE, gather! From the ashes of Battleworld, Marvel's most modern hero SINGULARITY has risen and entered the wonder Universe. yet she didn't make the adventure on my own. To wrestle the main fearsome threats from around the multiverse, Singularity will summon the world's mightiest staff of Avengers to her facet: SHE-HULK.

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Without this function, the router may take a significant amount of time to determine that its primary link is down. During this time, it continues to send frames through the dead PVC, resulting in lost data. However, if LMI status inquiries are used, the router will know that the PVC is dead and will instead send packets down the secondary path. For example, take a look at the network shown in Figure 3-7. Let's see what would happen if a PVC failure occurred between Networks 1 and 2. Figure 3-7: Link going down If the DTE was not receiving periodic LMI messages, as shown in Figure 3-8, it wouldn't yet realize that the link between Network 1 and Network 2 is down.

Figure 2-12 shows an example of this problem. In general, RTS/CTS is used only for very large packets, when resending the data can be a serious bandwidth problem. Figure 2-12: Two STAs that cannot detect when the other is transmitting These two standards are not mutually exclusive. In some implementations, both are used in a sequential fashion to further reduce collisions. Figures 2-13 through 2-16 demonstrate this. In Figure 2-13, Station A sends an RTS packet, including the length of the data to be transmitted and the intended destination (Station B), to the rest of the WLAN.

Because of the issues involved with billing for a medium that is extremely burst intensive by nature, Frame Relay has a number of methods for measuring speed. Frame Relay—and truly, any synchronous protocol—is required to be burst-dependent because there are no start or stop bits anywhere in the transmission. If data is to be sent, it must be sent in one lump chunk. You cannot send half of a frame, wait a few seconds, and then send the other half. It would throw the whole scheme off. So, to bill fairly based on your bandwidth requirements, Frame Relay bandwidth is sold a bit differently than say, xDSL or Cable.

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