By Naomi Mitchison

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Yet all this helped the Nationalist party in their electoral win, which was, all the same, attributed 7ran, aler, attributed by the 7'rausva[er, Verwoerd, to Divine Pro then under the editorship of Dr. l'd, Proover Afrikanerdom". vidence "which has always watched OVe! vidence "which Afl'ikl\m~l'dom··. This was of course COLlrse the God of the Old Testament, the less into line jealous jealous tribal God. l line with widl Afrikanerdom. Afrikanerdom.

But, immediately, Bram Brain wanted to continue and broaden 37 37 for Africa A Life fol' Scholarship hodes Scholal'ship his own education. He applied for an Rhodes out at Oxford and got it. This would be his first adventure adventure outSOllth Africa into a different c]Jmate climate of thought. In side South January January of 1932 after sitting his next law examination at Bloemfontein with a view to the Bloemfontein and doing extra Latin Nwith needs of the English Jurisprudence boarded the Jurisprudence course, he boarded bound for Europe and ship, well equipped no doubt, and hound New College.

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