By Alicia Duchak

ISBN-10: 0203016009

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ISBN-10: 0415187559

ISBN-13: 9780415187558

An A-Z of recent the United States is a accomplished cultural dictionary which defines modern the United States via its background and civilization. The booklet comprises entries on:key humans from presidents to Babe RuthAmerican lifestyles, customs, garments and educationlegal, spiritual and governmental practicesmulticulturalism, minorities and civil rightsAn A-Z of recent the US bargains obtainable and vigorous definitions of over 3,000 separate goods. The e-book is cross-referenced and therefore offers linked hyperlinks and cultural connections whereas the appendices include crucial additional info on American associations, buildings and traditions.

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Auld Lang Syne'' (customs and traditions) The title and part of the refrain (meaning ``time long past'') of the old, traditional song sung to remember old friends and old experiences; according to tradition, it is sung in a solemn manner on New Year's Eve after the bells have chimed twelve o'clock midnight. , the title itself); the music dates to an even earlier century. /For auld lang syne, my dear, for auld lang syne/We'll take a cup of kindness yet, for auld lang syne''. Australian ballot (politics) A type of ballot1 designed for voters to mark in secret.

See bicameral legislature; compare House of Representatives. , land, cars, building, equipment, copyright). ) in order to become an individual member of the mainstream white, American culture. This was the official, federal goal (enforced by the Bureau of Indian Affairs) toward Native Americans during the nineteenth century and until 1934. Assimilationist policies included the program of allotment and the extension of US citizenship to Indians. Although Indians who were mixed-blood or lived in the city supported assimilation, those Indians living on the reservations did not want to adopt white American culture.

In 1789, it was replaced by the United States Constitution. See Shay's Rebellion, Whiskey Rebellion. , wooden furniture) because it feared that these older skills would be lost because of the cheaper prices and popularity of new, machine-made and industrial products. AS (education) A type of associate's degree. ] ASCAP (the arts) The largest representative organization, founded in 1914, to help protect the rights of artists to their works. It works to collect the royalties on the songs and music of its member artists assault and then pays the respective artists their respective royalty amounts.

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