By Anya Peters

ISBN-10: 0007245726

ISBN-13: 9780007245727

ISBN-10: 0007245742

ISBN-13: 9780007245741

A heartbreaking actual tale of 1 little girl's seek to discover a spot she might name home.


Separated from her genuine mom at delivery, Anya grew up in terror of her drunken bullying uncle. crushed, humiliated and sexually abused through him from the age of six, she suggestion her lifestyles could not get Read more...

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Their visits felt like charades. Everyone on their best behaviour, my brothers and sisters leaving me be, my uncle biting his tongue—his long, aggressive silences scaring me just as much as the eruptions of anger I came to expect the minute they’d gone. Kathy always dressed exquisitely: silk blouses with high, queenly collars, and cuffs with small pearl buttons, elegant and feminine, her perfume clinging to everything. Brendan would be dressed as usual in his suit and tie, sitting awkwardly in the living room, his cup of tea balanced on his thigh, snapping biscuits and brushing away the crumbs as he tried to make small talk over my uncle’s hostility and laughed anxiously at anything at all; a teetotaller and a near alcoholic eyeing each other across the room.

I always had to keep my guard up. Before her visits, my brothers and sisters led by my uncle would mimic and ridicule her: the way she walked and talked; her gentleness and dainty ‘put on’ manners, as my uncle called them. I laughed shyly along with everyone else, always trying to fit in, to be accepted. I thought that if my uncle could see how much I hated her, then maybe he wouldn’t say those things about me any more, and would let me belong there with the rest of them. But although I played along, I couldn’t stop the defensive feelings that flared up inside me when the others laughed about her.

It felt as if I’d got a friend there that I was talking to. Sometimes when I was sent to the kitchen Mummy would decide she’d had enough. ’ She’d then return to her screaming voice, calling him names and trying to drag me back in behind her, my heart tumbling about in my chest as I tried to resist and grab things to hold on to, trying to stay where he told me. Occasionally she would win. But most times he jumped up and was there behind her, forcing me to get back, and Mummy would get hit instead.

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