By Graeme P. Currie

ISBN-10: 1444329480

ISBN-13: 9781444329483


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary sickness (COPD) is a revolutionary, principally irreversible lung situation characterized via airflow obstruction. even supposing cigarette smoking is the only most vital chance consider its improvement, different institutions and danger elements are concept to have expanding relevance in the course of the world.

COPD is generally controlled in basic care, even though it is often under-diagnosed, and is likely one of the most typical health conditions necessitating admission to hospital.

Table of Contents

Foreword (Peter Barnes).

1. Definition, epidemiology and threat components (Graham S Devereux).

2. Pathology and pathogenesis (William MacNee).

3. prognosis (Graeme P. Currie and Mahendran Chetty).

4. Spirometry (David Bellamy).

5. Smoking cessation (John R. Britton).

6. Non-pharmacological administration (Graeme P. Currie and Graham Douglas).

7. Pharmacological administration (I) (Graeme P. Currie and Brian J Lipworth).

8. Pharmacological administration (II) (Graeme P. Currie and Brian J Lipworth).

9 Inhalers (Graeme P. Currie and Graham Douglas).

10. Oxygen (Graham Douglas and Graeme P. Currie).

11. Exacerbations (Graeme P. Currie and Wisia Wedzicha).

12. Ventilatory help (Paul Plant and Graeme P. Currie).

13. COPD in fundamental care (Cathy Jackson).

14. demise, demise and finish of lifestyles concerns (Gordon Linklater).

15. destiny remedies (Peter Barnes).

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