By Linda Schmittroth, Mary Kay Rosteck, Stacy A. McConnell

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Profiles sixty women and men who have been key avid gamers at the British or American part of the yank Revolution, from John Adams, who turned the second one president, to Eliza Wilkinson, who wrote of the day British infantrymen looted her South Carolina domestic.

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He said that Parliament, England’s law-making body, had no right to tax Americans because the colonists had no representation in Parliament. Massachusetts’s law-making body then adopted the Massachusetts Circular Letter, an appeal for the colonies to oppose all new taxes. Copies were sent to all the colonies. A wave of sometimes-violent protests soon broke out throughout the land, especially in Boston. British officials in America demanded that England send troops to help keep the peace. In the summer of 1768, redcoats (British soldiers, who wore red uniform coats) arrived in Boston.

Upon the death of Massachusetts governor John Hancock in 1793, seventy-twoyear-old Adams became the governor. Adams held the post until 1797, putting in long hours each day. S. presidency after two terms, Adams ran for the office, capturing the fifth-highest number of votes. He lost to his cousin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson (see entry), who were elected president and vice president. Final years Adams retired from public life in January 1797. For the next several years he relaxed with his family, although people continued to seek him out and ask for his advice.

Rized the building of new warships and the raising of an army against the French. At Adams’s urging, a series of emergency measures, called the Alien and Sedition Acts, was passed to frighten foreign spies into leaving the country and to silence newspaper editors who opposed the war preparations. John Adams 17 Adams was pressured by members of the Republican Party, led by Jefferson. Republicans said it was wrong for the president to try to silence those who objected to his war policies. Adams also faced troubles from members of his own Federalist Party, who urged him to go forward at once with a war.

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