By Loveleen Kacker

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He needs our help. On behalf of all of you I have committed our friendship and help. " There was no answer, just a collective intake of breath. Gunda Dhur! Everyone was too dazed by the shocks thrown at them by Kalandiya to reply, and he rightly assumed that the answer was in the affirmative. "Good. Then that at least is settled. From tomorrow a special camp is being organized. I want the girls to 53 make arrows and grind the poison. The boys will practise target shooting and make the bows. " asked one boy, fearfully.

From where can we pay taxes when we cannot sell forest produce and cannot brew our own liquor? This cannot go on any longer. "My brothers, we have to fight for our rights. At this very moment you have to decide whether you are with me or you are not with me. Let the man who does not want to fight, leave this assembly at this moment. " A long, tense moment passed by as the man with the intense coal-black eyes stood rock-still and stared into the crowd. The crowd consisted of members of various tribes.

He spoke through clenched teeth and appeared to be chewing a twig. The tribals stared at him in deference and kept nodding their heads in agreement. " The men who had rescued him bowed to the feringhee, apparently understanding all that he was saying. " "Yes, sarkar. " Breaking stones! Digging ore! Where on earth was he? He was in a feringhee camp of forced labour! He was a slave, kidnapped so that they could extract forced labour from him. This was what Gunda Dhur had spoken about. He was a slave of the feringhee!

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