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An Inkwell of Pen Names tells the tales of a hundred authors' pen names in 100 brief chapters. Many different authors who used pen names are mentioned by the way. positive factors of the compendium comprise pen names starting with each letter of the alphabet, authors from twenty-five nations, the recipients of the Nobel Prize for literature who used pseudonyms, and a balanced collection of women and men authors.

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Writing anagrams is the skill of transposing letters so that the word oracle, for example, can be made into the name Carole. Sometimes, according to a broader definition of anagram, letters can be added, taken away, or interchanged. In the case of Arouet le jeune, one can come up with Voltaire if one substitutes a v for u and i for j and also avoids using a number of letters. Since one can make the anagram Outare from Arouet it is possible that the author simply transformed Outare into Voltaire.

Suarez Lynch and B. Lynch Davis. Together, Bioy and Borges found great enjoyment in writing works full of magic realism. Magic realism is a strange blend of what is real with what can be imagined, akin to surrealism in art. One of Bioy’s most imaginative novels, La invencion de Morel (The Invention of Morel) was published under his real name in 1940. It concerns a man shipwrecked on an island who falls in love with what proves to be the image of a woman produced by a movie projector. “Last Year in Marienbad” (1961), a film directed by Alain Resnais, was adapted from Bioy’s novel, Plan de evasion (Plan for Escape), published in 1945.

During his formative years as a playwright, Ayckbourn decided to have his works brought out under the literary name Roland Allen. The Square Cat (1959), produced in the Yorkshire city of Scarborough, starred Ayckbourn playing the part of a rock singer. Love after All (1959), Dad’s Tale (1960), and Standing Room Only (1961) were also brought out under the name Roland Allen. Ayckbourn’s pseudonym was obtained by juxtaposing Helen Roland, the name of an actress who became his wife in 1959, with an alternate spelling of his own first name.

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