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Catalysis by Metals. Academic Press, 1 962. , kinetics of chemical and physical phenomena occurring in the catalyst granule. Specialized books and articles on chemical and physical kinetics (Refs [ 1 ] through [5] ) are so many and detailed that only the most important kinetic equations and the theories, hypotheses and simplifications on which they are based are reviewed here. The only kinetic information accessible to experimentation is the overall rate of transformation, also called apparent, effective or real rate.

2 0. 6 Chemisorption of CO: ( cm3 . g - 1 Pt) T calcination in air FIG. 10 Effective variation of the kind of surface offered by a given catalyst, as illustrated by platinum on silica through the hydrogenolysis of n-pentane. The size of the platinum crystals was altered by carrying out the calcination under air of this catalyst at progressively higher temperatures, before reducing it at a f1xed 400' C. The crystal size increases with the temperature of calcination, as shown by the chemisorption of CO.

We will limit ourselves, on this point, to a review of the principal kinetic equations for reactions that occur in one or more steps. Keep in mind that chemical kinetics impose their laws when the concentration (C) of a reactant in the vicinity of the catalyst-granule's active surfaces remains constant and equal to the reactant's concentration ( Ch ) in homogeneous phase. 2. 1. Single-step reactions The rate of single reaction is proportional to the concentration of its reactants at the catalyst surface, which is to say, proportional to the surface occupied by the reactants.

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