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THE next class is that of the two-circuit, multiple-wound, long-connection ring windings. The general formula is, n s=-xym, where = number of coils, n = number of poles, y = pitch, m = number of windings. F. of "y" and "m" shall be made equal tp 1. Figure 20 represents a two-circuit, doubly re-entrant, double-wound ring armature. common " factor of " y 8=26, n=4, m=2. m common factor of y (12) and (2) is 2. Therefore the winding will be doubly re-entrant. the position shown, coils 24 and 12, in series, are short-circuited by the negative brush.

Series quite different potentials are adjacent, as may be seen by fol- lowing through the various armature circuits from brush to This increases the difficulty of insulating. The volts brush. per bar also, for the same number of conductors per twice as high as in the simple for any reason, to halve the erable to combine two in cases it would be adjacent coils into one, advantages of the simple But gramme ring. number of bars, gramme up the unequal induction are pref- and retain the ring connection.

N This is = 4, + 9 = 17, 17 Number + 7=24, of 8, s s = ny 2 =4x8+ 2 = 34. 1) and (y + 1) must be used alterbeing even and also /, (j/ of connections will be seen in the figure to be 1, 1 + 7 = 8, The sequence etc. commutator segments In the position shown, coils circuits = the case referred to above, in which, nately as the pitch in connecting up. 25-16There are 14 coils in one path and 16 in the other. be short-circuited by the positive brush, and coils the armature then becoming, r I A the negative brush, and the through the armature are, 7, 14, 23, A f little later, coils 6, 33, 24, and 30 and 17^ in series, will will take their place, the circuits 7_14_23-30- 5-12-21-28-3-10-19-26-1- 8 32-25-16- 9-54-27-18-11-2-29-20-13-4-31-22-15 through 1 J further inspection of the diagram will show the unsymmetrical arrangement of the short-circuited and coils, causing the induction in some coils to act in opposition to that in others with which it is in adjacent series.

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