By Jerome M. Sattler

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Positioning – children position themselves and objects in different ways, thereby gaining different views of the world and of objects. Some objects can be placed in vertical, horizontal or oblique positions. Ⅲ Core with radials – a co-ordination of a central core (enclosure) with radial appendages (trajectories). Ⅲ Transformation (not a repeated pattern but an aspect observed – transformation occurs as a result of some action, for example, sand becomes soggy as a result of adding water to it) – transforming oneself by dressing differently or being interested in changes of state.

Winnicott described transitional objects as the first ‘not-me possession’, ‘a defence against anxiety’ and acknowledged that they were symbolic of the mother. qxp 21/10/2009 20:00 Page 23 EARLY YEARS PRACTITIONERS AND PARENTS ENGAGING IN CHILD STUDY schemas at a symbolic representation level was significant in our study. Piaget, himself, acknowledged that ‘The schemas relative to persons are cognitive and affective simultaneously. The affective element is perhaps more important in the domain of persons and the cognitive element in the domain of things, but it is only a question of degree’ (1962, p.

42). At the Pen Green Centre, we have always been most interested in what the children choose to do and in how they play with each other, with adults and with the resources available to them. We are less interested in observing adult-led activities which we think may offer less insight into the children’s interests, thinking and motivations. qxp 21/10/2009 19:59 Page 21 EARLY YEARS PRACTITIONERS AND PARENTS ENGAGING IN CHILD STUDY and at reunion (an event sample). This is because we were interested in ‘attachment’ and in what sorts of things helped the children to feel secure at nursery (Bowlby, 1998).

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