By Lord Robbins

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In all this he had much to teach me and even Eddie, to whom I was not slow to introduce him, with a mutual enlargement ofhorizons all round. Perhaps the best thing he did for me, however, was to introduce me to Clive Gardiner, the artist, who subsequently became my brother-in-law and with whom until his death I maintained the greatest male friendship of my life. There will be more to be said of Clive later on in various connections. But any account of my evolution at this period of my life would be incomplete without some emphasis on the immense stimulus and broadening which this new contact gave to me.

But when we got where they had been, they had gone: there must have been an attack from another quarter. So we decided to go back to the battery and started to walk across a ploughed field. We had not gone very far, however, when we were spotted by snipers. The air became full of bullets. Suddenly I felt a blow on my left arm as though I had been hit by a very fast (and heavy) cricket ball. We flung ourselves into the furrows. Blood was spurting up from my arm like a fountain and the bullets continued to come.

My father never stood for Parliament. But he was very zealous in parliamentary elections: my first political recollection is of a visit to Hollycroft by the local Liberal candidate in the 1905 election. All the family belonged to that branch of liberalism which not only regarded war as an entirely inappropriate method of settling international disputes but also believed that in fact the development of international relations was rendering it less and less probable. It was true that there had been the Boer War.

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